GEOMAXX laser measurement system uses software developed by Media-Tec

Geomaxx is a novel fast axel measuring system for racing and rally cars. Developed for motorsport, the system allows extremely fast, precise, flexible and cost-saving measurement of Camber, single and total TOE of all wheels, as well as the geometric driving axis (x-axis). The racing vehicle can stand on its wheels and the ground does not have to be absolutely even.

Geomaxx projects two laser light walls on the right and left of the vehicle, exactly parallel to the geometric driving axis. The most stable part of a racing car, the roll cage, is used as a mount for GEOMAXX. The cage remains undamaged in almost every accident and is checked for warping when GEOMAXX is installed on the vehicle, since the first installation is carried out at different points on the cage and body markings in order to check and ensure the correct positioning of GEOMAXX.

The MEDIA-TECsoftware creates a measurement log for single and total TOE, Camber of all wheels, deviation from the geometric driving axis in decimal degrees or mm. The log can be saved or printed. The MEDIA-TEC software is able to display deviations from the last stored measurement on this vehicle immediately: red if something has changed, green if the measured values ​​are unchanged. Or make a comparison to stored value,  analyze the difference and shows deviations with colors.

Roman Villa Bodenbach

The Roman villa in Bodenbach is known as a find place since 1890 and was examined by the local community from the year 2003 with the most modern geophysical prospecting methods. Archaeological excavations took place in 2010 and 2013. It was shown that a study conducted in the 1st century AD, as a purely civilian farm built Roman villa in the 3rd century AD. was converted by the inhabitants as an impregnable military fortress against the invading Teutons. Many exciting insights and insights were brought to light. In order to get the knowledge, the local community of Bodenbach decided to visualize the floor plan of the villa and the ramparts system. Media-Tec made a 3D visualization of the Roman villa created in different perspectives. Information panels provide visitors with the necessary background knowledge to make the changing history of the Roman villa, comparable to a museum in the landscape, experience and experience.