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Endurance Race Laptimer

OFFICIAL Laptrix Timekeeping Software (

Recording the laptimes of up to 8 vehicles and simultaneously displaying these lap times on 2 separate screens. (E.g., directly in the box)

  • Timekeeping software is particularly suitable for the VLN / 24h Nürburgring
  • Recording for up to 8 vehicles
  • Current Laptimes
  • Laptime Grid
  • Best Lap
  • Laps to go before the next Pit Stop
  • Color differentiation for drivers
  • Automatic pre-calculation of the next Pit Stop time (daytime)
  • Max. remaining driving time of each driver (for example during the 24h race)
  • Displaying of the Laptimes in the Pitbox with freely changeable designs
  • Automatic info for team members at an upcoming pit stop
  • Easy Graphical User Interface
  • Automatically generated Race Report for later evaluation
  • Manual entries possible in the report
  • Analysis of all vehicles
  • Print out the Laptimes for the drivers directly from the software.
  • Saving all Laptimes as PDF, CSV possible
  • Automatic Laptime triggering with Laptrix transponder systems
  • Manual triggering of the Laptimes also possible 
  • Suitable for 2 forwarders (for example: also for the automatic detection of the Pit Stop)
  • Plug and Play - Automatic and manual control of the Media-Tec LED panel

Only here just up from 300,00€ plus tax